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In addition to men’s trunks and super low-cut briefs, you can also get your hands on some Clever swimwear. Designed with the same ultra-confident spirit, these styles are made in waterproof fabrics and designed to keep you looking sexy at the beach. When you’ve got nothing on but a bathing suit, you’d better be sure that little bit of fabric is working in your favor! You can’t go wrong with the help of a Clever swim brief or swim trunks. These styles will give you plenty of boost in front and behind—just like the men’s underwear styles, only waterproof! And with different prints and design features. For instance try a square cut swim brief—very retro chic. You’ll be the sweetest eye candy at the beach.

Hope you’re ready for some extra attention! Whether you’re in Clever trunks or briefs swimwear, you’ll notice a little extra swagger in your step that won’t go unnoticed.