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Individual style is all about the personal touches and the right designer men’s accessories. Traditionally accessorizing for men has included dress or casual men’s shoes, and men’s belts, but today there are so many modern must-haves including men’s jewelry, men’s watches and men’s hats.

Shades are not just for the beach, today men’s sunglasses come in so many styles, you can really change up the feel of your look with a simple switch of men’s sunglasses. We love the new wire-frame aviators and retro 70s-style frames which have a cool rocker vibe. Classic black or tortoise-style frames lend a smart geeky touch to casual outfits and nothing looks cooler with a suit.

Footwear is a great way to finish off your look. Men’s boots are more important than ever, and come in styles from dressy to casual. We love the new styles that incorporate vintage elements like stitching, distressed leather and a lugged sole, they’re perfect with jeans and add an unexpected edge to a suit or trousers. And transcending their beach-bum roots, men’s sandals now come in styles that are smart enough for city sidewalks. In rugged leather with woven accents they are the perfect casual counterpoint to linen pants and shorts.

Men’s watches are making a big-time comeback and the bolder the style, the better. In the age of digital everything the distinctive look of a classic dial looks unique and adds a touch of old-school cool. Look for men’s watches with unique face shapes and watchbands to add up-to-the-minute interest.

Another way to give your look an edge is by adding a signature piece, something you wear daily that becomes part of your overall image. We like the way a sharp men’s hat instantly elevates the wearer. A straw porkpie hat or fabric fedora is a hip alternative to a baseball cap and adds a smart edge to everything from a tailored blazer to graphic tee and jeans. A distinctive piece of men’s silver jewelry like a chunky bracelet or ring in stainless steel or polished chrome can easily become a signature piece, or try doubling-up a chain and leather necklace. The mix of textures gives even the simplest tee rockstar status.